“Siobhán has been instrumental in helping me navigate through a recent career transition, moving from a corporate position in the IT industry, to running my own businesses. Knowing that I wanted to achieve being my own boss, Siobhán took me through a process to help draw out my strengths and capabilities, helping me to ultimately identify and understand what motivated me as a person, and why I wanted to achieve the things I did in my life.

.The whole coaching process was incredibly engaging, and I looked forward to every session as Siobhán took me through various exercises to help me with achieving my goals we identified at the start – I even loved doing my homework after a long day at work! As a result of the work I’ve done with Siobhán, I’ve recently fired my boss and can now say as of the start of 2014, that I am fully self-employed and my own boss. I am relishing my new life, as it’s brought into focus all those things that are important to me. I am happy to report that my pre-established Health & Wellness business with Arbonne International is flourishing as a result of my new skills learned, and I’ve also set up my Marketing Services company having just completed my first client project.

I’m such a firm believer in if you want something you haven’t got, you have to do something you’ve never done, and I’m so grateful that I stepped out to do this coaching programme because it has instilled a confidence and awoken a sleeping giant inside me. Thank you Siobhán – my heartfelt thanks for all you’ve done for me as a coach.”