procastinazioneIt’s taken me a very long time to write this blog, why? Well believe it or not, I suffer from what’s known as chronic ‘Procrastination’! A terrible infliction, which I know some of you, will empathise with as fellow suffers. Procrastination, is to put off intentionally and habitually the completion of a task or something that should be done.

I can’t tell you the amount of endless research I’ve done on the subject (all part of the procrastination process I might add) and could still be doing had I not done one little thing!


Yes, I was fearful of what the outcome would be – how mad is that, since I hadn’t written one line, never mind a full blog or shared it with anyone! Fear is one of the most common symptoms of procrastination. The ‘fear of success (or failure), the fear of the ‘what if’s’.

What if my blog sucks?
What if no-one reads it?
What if, what if, what if.

Well surprise surprise, they all came true as I hadn’t written anything, so no-one read it and no-one gave their opinion on it!

Now this is where you’re expecting me to tell you the 10 most important steps on how to overcome procrastination, well I’m sorry to disappoint. There are hundreds of well-written blogs and websites out there, which don’t need to be re-written by me. My message is quite simple – ACT:

ACCOUNTABILITY: Count up all the hours and days you’ve spent procrastinating over one action/task and calculate how much that has cost your business.
CLEAR: Get clear (and focused) on why this one action/task is important to your business. What are the results of not getting it done? Are these answers detrimental to your business plan or goals?
THING: Then do the ‘ONE THING’ that by doing it; everything else will be easier or unnecessary!

For me it was as simple as writing the first line, that ACTion, lead to this blog. The intangible result is the feeling of being in control, feeling motivated, energized, purposeful, calm and productive. Remind me again what I was fearful of?

Thank you for reading.