When you started your business, you imagined a future of wealth, freedom and fun. Fast forward a little while and all you’ve got are headaches, stress and too many late nights. If you feel frustrated, overwhelmed and trapped by your own business, you need my help.

I help small business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their personal and business goals, to bring a greater work life balance and improved revenue.

Through asking thought provoking questions – and really listening to your answers - I will help you work smarter, not harder, so you can earn more, work less and go back to enjoying your life.  With me on your side, you will have:

Renewed energy and motivation

Confidence and clarity of direction

A customised game plan to achieve your goals

On-going accountability to keep you on track and sustain a high level of performance

Greater freedom and income

So are you managing your business or is your business managing you? How are you feeling about your business today? Ready to move it to the next level? contact me

Are You Feeling… 

AMBITIOUS - I am already good at what I do and recognise that it’s going to take a bit of extra work to become outstanding

Top sportsmen and women will always seek out the leading coaches in their field. As your business coach I will hold you accountable, demand results, push you, cajole you and also be there to congratulate you on a job well done! If you’re aiming to be outstanding, contact me today

EXHAUSTED - I feel married to my business.  It consumes all my waking hours.  

When you are ready to take control of the hours that you work, and get better results, please contact me and I can help.

THINKING ABOUT JACKING IT IN - My business does not generate enough profit to justify my hard work.  

If you want to continue doing what you have always done it should come as no surprise that you will get the same results. I will challenge your thinking and encourage you to take profit-growing actions. Are you willing to change to move your business forward? Do you want increased revenues and profit after a few months? Get in touch today.

WHO HAS TIME TO THINK? - I am too busy to think, relax or rest.  My business will suffer if I am not there all the time.  Holidays are out of the question!

Unless your business can run without you being there every day, then it might come as a shock to learn that you are, in reality, an employee of the business not a REAL business owner.  I will help you create and implement processes to help your business thrive whether or not you feel like going to work. Long holidays and time spent improving your golf handicap, all suddenly, become a reality. Life is short.  I can help you live it.  Interested? Get in touch today.

DREAMING OF A DIFFERENT LIFE - I have fallen out of love with my business.

Do you sometimes think life would be simpler without all the hassle your business brings? I will reignite your passions and help you redevelop your visions and goals for the business.  Ready to love the life and work you’ve got? Contact me today.

HAVEN’T DONE A TRAINING COURSE IN YEARS - I have many years of business experience, but have not had any useful tailored training for a long time  

You may send your staff on training courses but your own requirements have moved beyond generic training. As a result, you have probably neglected yourself. Investing in coaching is not a personal indulgence but a sensible business decision with tangible ROI. I will work with you to improve specific aspects of your performance and provide one-to-one support and motivation to achieve and build upon those improvements.  To take your personal and professional development to the next level, give me a call.

LOST - I have lost sight of where my business is going, and am just going through the motions.

As an outsider, I am not blinded by industry preconceptions or hidebound by the way things have always been done. I will ask you the difficult questions you have been avoiding and will challenge you to take action. Who knows what you can achieve? Get in touch to find out more.

Coaching sounds just what I need.  What happens next?

First of all, we will arrange a consultation; really just a conversation and nothing to be frightened of!
During your consultation we will discuss:

Your objectives, goals and challenges

The number of sessions we think you will need. This will depend on your goals, but I do ask all clients to commit to a minimum of three months’ coaching so we are able to effect sustainable chang

How frequent your sessions will be. Most clients start off weekly then make sessions less frequent the nearer they get to their goal.

How your coaching will take place .Most of my clients choose to have their 45 – 60 minute sessions over the phone or Skype, but I am happy to go for a walk in the park or out for breakfast. The important thing is that you are relaxed, comfortable and ready to think about the future you want.

Ready to improve your working life? Contact me today.