Redundancy Crossroads

“I was made redundant by a large corporate bank after 8.5 years and was looking for a change of career. I saw Catseye advertised in LinkedIn and contacted Siobhán.
Her integrity and engaging nature helped to quickly develop a high level of rapport as did trust and confidence. Generally, I found her to be very open, honest, incisive in her analysis and fun to be with. I learnt many things about myself, not least of all were my core values, and my perceptions.

It is a journey you take with Catseye and, as with anything worthwhile in life, there is a level of effort and commitment required by both parties.
The tangible results of this have been increased confidence and belief in myself, a greater understanding of my primary drivers and a clear goal that I am now on the path to.
If, like me, you are at a crossroads in your life and/or career, I would recommend that you give Siobhán a call!

It costs nothing and for me it's been an investment!

Thank you!”