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USB charging current is not the same as what would be the impact on the battery?


Now the development of charging technology is more and more complex and diverse, especially after the rapid development of charging, some mobile phones even pick the charger. Because some mobile phone batteries can withstand large charging voltage, a large charging voltage to speed up the charging speed. When approaching the charging voltage platform, replace the conventional 5 V. Fast charge will affect the battery life, so as far as possible with the original charger, the set of charging voltage curve suitable for the battery, the battery life is less affected.

Mobile phone charger 5v/1A or 5V/0.5A and so on is the output power of the current, that is, the maximum allowable output current, the actual charge will not be charged according to this current. In the charging process, the current is determined by the battery internal resistance and the limiting current of the charging circuit. As the battery slowly fills up, the charging current drops. Mobile phone charging on the computer has nothing to do with the mobile phone, but it may be slower than your 5v/1A charger. If not bad charger, no impact on the battery. The charging current is too large to cause the breakdown capacitor to be wrong, and the capacitor breakdown may be the instability of the 220V AC voltage.

Suggest that you try to use the original charger for mobile phone charging, to avoid the use of inferior charger or output capacity of small charger for large capacity battery, such as "charging treasure" charging.

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