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I, adapter, switching power supply products charger, LED drive power supply is widely used in industrial automation control, military equipment, scientific research equipment, LED lighting, industrial equipment, communication equipment, electrical equipment, instrumentation, medical equipment, semiconductor refrigeration and heating, air purifier, electronic refrigerator, liquid crystal display, LED lighting, communication equipment. Audiovisual products, security monitoring, LED lamp bag, computer case, digital products and equipment such as.

1, the choice of switching power supply should be noted:

1) select the appropriate input voltage specification;

2) select the right power. In order to increase the life of the power supply, you can choose more than 30% of the rated output power.

3) considering load characteristics. If the load is a motor, bulb or capacitive load, when the boot when the current is larger, should choose the appropriate power supply so as not to overload. If the load is the motor should be considered when the voltage back down.

4 in addition to the need to consider the working temperature of the power supply, and whether there is an additional auxiliary cooling equipment, in the high temperature of the power supply needs to be reduced output. Derating curve of ring temperature to output power.

5) according to the application needs to select the function:

Protection function: over voltage protection (OVP), over temperature protection (OTP), over load protection (OLP), etc..

Application function: signal function (normal power supply, power failure), remote control, telemetry, parallel functions, etc..

Special function: power factor correction (PFC), no power failure (UPS)

6) to select the required compliance with the safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) certification.

2, the use of switching power supply matters needing attention:

1, before using the power supply, first determine the input and output voltage specifications and the power supply of the nominal value is consistent;

2) before power on, check whether the input and output leads are connected correctly, so as not to damage the user equipment;

3) check whether the installation is firm, the installation screws and the power board device has no contact, measuring the shell and the input and output insulation resistance, so as not to shock;

4 in order to ensure the safety and reduce the use of interference, please ensure that the grounding of reliable grounding;

5) multi output power supply is generally divided into the main and auxiliary output, the main output characteristics are better than the auxiliary output, in general the output current of the main output. In order to ensure the output load adjustment rate and output dynamic indicators, the general requirements of at least 10% per load. If the auxiliary road does not use the main road, the main road must be fitted with the appropriate dummy load. Refer to the corresponding specification;

6) please note: power frequent switch will affect its life;

7, the working environment and the load will also affect their life

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