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Adding Value To Change

So I would regard myself as one of the lucky ones. At the young age of 19 and through pure fluke, I stumbled upon the career I knew I wanted to do for the ‘rest of my life’. It was to create and deliver magical and inspiring event experiences. Every morning I would wake up […]

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Making a Change in the Change!

Guest Blogger, Pat Duckworth shares her career change from Civil Servant to Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Award Winning Author. “It is Monday morning and I am sitting in my home office writing this blog before I have a Skype session with a client followed by a face-to-face cognitive hypnotherapy session later this afternoon. The sun is shining through […]

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Procrastination, the damaging effects

It’s taken me a very long time to write this blog, why? Well believe it or not, I suffer from what’s known as chronic ‘Procrastination’! A terrible infliction, which I know some of you, will empathise with as fellow suffers. Procrastination, is to put off intentionally and habitually the completion of a task or something […]

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Acknowledge and Appreciate Yourself

Pop Quiz: When was the last time you acknowledged and appreciated yourself? That’s right: YOU. Not your spouse, not your children, not your boss, co-workers or friends. Just YOU! Seriously, think about it! And if it’s been too long since your last pat on the back, then I want you to take the time right […]

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  • A Bright and Exciting Future

    “Before I met Siobhán I didn’t have a clue what career I would pursue after my current one. I had no direction, no plan and even no idea on how I was to know where I wanted to go. Thanks to Siobhán that has all changed. I now know where I want to go. I now have a plan on how I can get there. The future which once looked a daunting place to visit has now become bright and exciting. It is amazing how much knowing where I want to go in line with who I truly am has given me purpose in what I am doing, and the desire to make it happen. If you are reading this and wondering if you should or should not, let me tell you, get stuck in! It is without a doubt worth it, and you will certainly be glad you did.”


  • Coming Out Of The Dark

    “Firstly, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my coach.   My father always stressed on the importance of a coach and I never thought I would find one who truly understood me, challenges me and patiently waited until 'I got it'!   So thank you. Thank you for helping me find hope again in a world that had become so incredibly dark. I wake up in the morning feeling so determined that I often wonder if I am the same person. I am incredibly grateful that your path took you into coaching because you truly are a gift to people and I don't think you realise the impact you are making. My happiness isn't just mine. It is also my family's. So the impact spreads wide.”


  • From Victims to Victors

    “The best question that Siobhán asked at the beginning of our relationship was ‘are you running your business or is your business running you?’  My heart sunk when I realized the latter was our reality. We were victims of our own success and three years of being in a constant state of overwhelm had taken its toll.

    In the process of working through our vision, mission and values we got reenergized by our sense of purpose.  Working with Siobhán, we were also able to map out short, medium and long-term goals that would get the dog wagging the tail again. 

    In the time we’ve worked together, we’ve leapfrogged in performance and more importantly, went from feeling like victims to victors.”

    KK – Managing Partner, Brands At Work

  • Expanding Our Horizons

    "Siobhán has enabled my business and our team to expand its horizons. In a dynamic small company formal training and development can be overlooked.

    Siobhán’s Executive Coaching to my team bridged that gap, and developed the team as talented individuals in an objective yet holistic way from which we all feel a clear benefit. Don’t expect anything fluffy - she is business like, focused, and will get results.

    I wouldn’t pay for anything else."

    DAMIAN CLARKSON, Managing Director and Owner, The London Kitchen

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